Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ugghh! 35 degrees! TORTURE!!

Hi everybody!

Day 6 of being sidelined by a chest cold. On the upside of it now, but looking at today's temp & knowing that Juanita & Lynn have been getting out there & riding has been torture!

I almost wanted to get out there & try to ride today, but told myself to wait until Sunday or Monday. One day of riding might set me back longer if I pushed the issue & relapsed. Don't want this crud to turn into pneumonia!

Positive Bling & TAZ don't mind having some time off, right?

Excited & content that Team Purple has already made it to the 300 mile mark! What an unexpected surprise starting out 2012 with this many accumulated miles so far!

Thank you again Tammy V for the Distance Derby!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Distance Derby, Day 3

Looked out the window this morning & noticed Bling stretching out her neck & sticking her upper lip up. CHOKE! She does this when she's choking!! I throw a coat on & ran out. She was shivering & her breathing was labored. I ran back in the house & called the vet.

Grabbed a blanket out of the barn & halter/lead rope. When I went back out there this time she was lowering her head & coughing, trying to clear her throat.

Walking her around warmed her back up & the shivering stopped. She still continued to cough though. So, I kept rubbing up and down her neck to see if I could feel or dislodge whatever there was...

Vet arrives & as if like magic... SHE'S FINE!! Nothing. Not a cough, no signs of choke. She even started eating the grass in the yard... (good sign, I suppose) Thanks Bling!

Yes, I probably panicked & should have worked with her & waited a little bit before calling the vet. I've seen her do this a couple times before, but never the cough & the shivering...

After all the drama I put her in the round pen which has some grass for her to nibble on & threw hay & put out water. (so I could keep a close eye on her)

Noon came around & it was warming up outside. Decided I would have to take TAZ out today instead of alternating the two like I usually do.

TAZ was a little slow at first, but soon was trotting & loping all over the place! She really does enjoy getting out & moves along. I feel a little bad when I have to slow her down... I hate for her to be wet all night. (She is not happy with me right now, locking her up in her stall until she's dry enough to be turned back out) :( She is braying up a storm!! (hopefully NOT a Winter storm!) lol

Didn't ride as far & as long today. Figured two days in a row, TAZzy did plenty.

Warmer than the past couple days & a couple hours left of sunlight, it was tempting to not go ahead & saddle up Bling. I decided to just wait until tomorrow. Plenty of nice days planned ahead in the forecast...

Feels like I'm rambling, but I've never been a good blogger...

Bling is eating/drinking, pooping/peeing... Tomorrow we RIDE! :)

11.58 miles
2.5 hrs, 4.5 mph average

Distance Derby, 2nd Day

I chose to ride TAZ today.

Temps dropped, high of only 33 & winds still blowing strong! So thankful for having warm riding clothes. The only thing that got cold were my toes & my nose! (really should have worn my insulated riding boots!)

TAZ was my rock as usual, nothing bothered her. She's all business!! Loves it when the truck follows her... Maybe she just likes having her picture taken? :)

Scared up a couple deer here & there & a few turkey. (who says turkey can't fly?!)

A lot of my friends were out there riding too. I was thinking of you all. Are we CRAZY or what??! Fun to get out & ride though. Beats sitting around the house!

13.11 miles
3 hours, average speed 4.2mph

Total to date: 26.71 Top of the leaderboard today! :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A few pictures~

Had to take a couple weeks off after breaking a rib~ But it was hurting me more NOT to ride!! The weather has been wonderful!! Fall is here & everything is changing over. Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hi MOM!!

Here's a new post if you find it! Welcome to the World Wide Web!! :D LOVE YOU!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Horse ~ New Blog :)

Knowing that I'm already a TERRIBLE blogger, I'm adding another one! :)

One thing I am good about... Pictures & Videos! Enjoy!! :)