Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ugghh! 35 degrees! TORTURE!!

Hi everybody!

Day 6 of being sidelined by a chest cold. On the upside of it now, but looking at today's temp & knowing that Juanita & Lynn have been getting out there & riding has been torture!

I almost wanted to get out there & try to ride today, but told myself to wait until Sunday or Monday. One day of riding might set me back longer if I pushed the issue & relapsed. Don't want this crud to turn into pneumonia!

Positive Bling & TAZ don't mind having some time off, right?

Excited & content that Team Purple has already made it to the 300 mile mark! What an unexpected surprise starting out 2012 with this many accumulated miles so far!

Thank you again Tammy V for the Distance Derby!!

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